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              About Us
              Xin Rui laser for all types of enterprises to provide the best quality the most comprehensive laser solutions
              Company Profile

              Xiangyang Xin Rui Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the research and application of laser technology, production and sales of integrated professional manufacturers, since its establishment in 2015, provides the high quality optical laser equipment customization service has for hundreds of manufacturing enterprises; at the same time should call for national innovation and entrepreneurship ring, Xin Rui laser full play their own potential, and combining with the current international market optical advanced technology and rich experience, good governance, reform and innovation, has developed a variety of precision laser equipment leading domestic optical market, for all types of enterprises to provide the best solution of the most comprehensive laser, help clients out of production difficulties.

              Relying on first-class technology talents, leading technology level, excellent product quality and modern management mode, Xin Rui laser has won the praise from all users in China's laser industry market. The R & D and production of various types of laser tube, laser power, lens and reflector is widely used in the market; 2016, Xin Rui laser with excellent product quality and advanced technology level was advanced in the European market, the quality of its products by the European market to be fully affirmed and accepted;

              Xiangyang Xin Rui Laser Technology Co., Ltd. since its inception, times of struggle and innovation, reform and development of the countless times, laid a solid Xin Rui endeavour, rigorous and pragmatic "principle of service, to the interests of customers as the center" business philosophy has always been imprinted in Xin Rui people's heart; now the face of the fierce market the impact of technology change rapidly and competition environment, Xin Rui people will continue to move forward on the road in the development and application of optical technology, make efforts for our country new optical laser industry; Xin Rui, China laser will lead the industry to the world, go to the future!

              Development History


                In October 2017
                was appraised as "the most potential high-tech enterprise"
                by Hubei Hi-tech Industry Administration

                March 2017 Invited to participate in the
                Shanghai Murray Black Optoelectronics Exhibition
                The CO2 laser glass tube S series was named
                "high quality and innovative laser tube"


                March 2016,Elite Rui laser shareholder restructuring
                Renamed "Xin Rui laser"
                Settled in Xiangyang City, Hubei Province wisdom Innovation Pioneering Park
                September 2016,Awarded by Xiangyang Entrepreneurship Office as "High-tech Industry Enterprise"
                December 2016,Won the "high-tech industry demonstration enterprise" title


                May 2010
                Jing Rui Da Laser Co., Ltd. expand production scale
                Officially settled in Dongguan Industrial Park, focusing on the laser tube industry
                November 2010
                Dongguan innovation and entrepreneurship
                Granted the title of "High-tech Industry Demonstration Enterprise"


                August 2008
                Guangdong Elite Laser Co., Ltd. was established (Xin Rui laser predecessor)
                Main laser tube research and development, production and sales

              Company Culture

              Strategic Objectives

              Lead the Chinese laser industry to the world

              Core Value

              Quality · Rigorous · Progressive

              Corporate Philosophy

              Customer benefits as the center

              Contact Us
              Xiangyang Xin Rui Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

              Address:No. 3, DaLi avenue, high-tech zone, Xiangyang, Hubei province
              Mobile:(+86) 135-0866-2700
              Phone:(+86) 135-109-78189(喬先生)
              Shenzhen:(+86) 138-2743-6380(Zhang Qin)
              Shenzhen:(+86) 181-2620-1707(Zhang Mengqiu)

              Shenzhen Xin Rui Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

              Address:Bao'an District of Shenzhen City Shajing Street Bridge Qiaokou eight Lane 3, Lane

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