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              China's optical fiber marking technology development process

              Date:2018-01-04 Author:Xiangyang Xin Rui Laser Technology Co., Ltd. Views:6209

              What is the fiber marking it? In fact it is a branch of laser marking, laser marking machine is the most important feature of the energy stage, while the characteristics of fiber marking is more delicate, while the operation is also more accurate , Currently represents the most sophisticated level in the use of laser technology and equipment.

                  The first time in the marking industry in the production mode is relatively traditional until the introduction of light technology before embarking on a new change, the emergence of optical fiber marking not only reflected in the transformation of the appearance of the equipment, but also reflected in it The use of technical principles used, the advanced optical fiber processing technology and equipment production can be well after the integration of processing accuracy, but also can improve the number of units processed per time.

                  The biggest feature of optical fiber is smaller, this small size brings the advantages of diversification, for example, it is in the process of rapid processing of materials often have low power consumption characteristics, which for large-scale production process Is quite valuable, because it means that it can control the cost to the maximum after entering the centralized mode of production, which is the most desired for any industrial production process.

                  Aerospace devices require the use of fiber optic equipment, the reason is that the aerospace industry itself is dealing with some high-precision products, these products require the marking process does not prevent the original properties of equipment, without prejudice to its original Shape in order to be able to better serve the aerospace industry, from this perspective, only the fiber to meet the above requirements, so won the trust of users in the industry.

                  At the same time the use of aerospace field is more similar to the integrated circuit chip, there is the computer accessories, these parts in the process of marking the difficulty is quite high, because they have very small area, you want to mark and Not a simple matter, but the advantage of fiber marking is that after accurate scanning can be accurately engraved in the pattern of any tiny device.

                  The advantage of fiber marking machine is that because of its small size, it can work efficiently whether it is stand-alone or installed on the production line. The fiber marking machine is easy to use, long service life, simple maintenance process, easy operation and delicate processing style Etc., constitute its merit. At the same time, it also constantly improves itself in adapting itself to the demands of industrial production. It possesses more high-quality attributes according to actual needs. Although its growth has been seen by users in just a few years Got it.

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