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              Analysis of 80W Laser Tube Structure

              Date:2018-01-03 Author:Xiangyang Xin Rui Laser Technology Co., Ltd. Views:7021

              I. This device is mainly composed of hard glass, resonant cavity, electrode three parts:

              1. Hard glass part; this part is fired by GG17 material into a discharge tube, water jacket, gas holder and the return pipe and composition. Sealed-off CO2 lasers are usually three-layer casing structures. Inside is the discharge tube, the middle of the water is a net cover, the outer layer is a gas storage sleeve, return pipe is connected to the discharge tube and the gas storage tube.

              2. Resonator part: This part consists of a full reflector and an output reflector. Resonator total reflection mirror is generally based on optical glass, the surface of the gold film, the gold film reflector in the vicinity of 10.6um reflectivity of 98% or more; resonant cavity output mirror is generally used to transmit 10.6um radiation infrared material Germanium (Ge) as the substrate, in the above transitional multilayer dielectric film and made.

              3. Electrode part: CO2 laser generally adopts cold cathode, the shape is cylindrical, and the choice of cathode material has a great influence on the life of the laser. The basic requirements of the cathode material are as follows: low sputtering rate, small gas absorption, common metal Material is nickel.

              Two. Laser tube connection method:

              1. First electrode line connected, (+, -) very do not pick the wrong.

              2. Connect the cooling water pipe, connected to the water from the anode, the cathode water and meet the principle of progress on the next, and the interface can not leak. Before using the reservoir must be full of water, the water pipe after the water must be the weather bubble before use (each must be viewed before use).

              3. It is recommended that users add automatic detection device in the laser tube net water circulation system to prevent the laser tube from overheating due to water shortage when working

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