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              Extend the life of the glass laser tube several maintenance points?

              Date:2018-01-20 Author:Xiangyang Xin Rui Laser Technology Co., Ltd. Views:4305

              (1) The operating environment of the machine is better, the power supply voltage should be stable, if the voltage fluctuation is too large, configure the regulated power supply. The machine should be placed smoothly and can not work under the condition of large vibration and dampness.

              (2) The laser current can not be too large, it must be below 20mA, and as far as possible to meet the carved depth and speed conditions to reduce the light intensity, 13-17mA is the more appropriate current range.

              (3) laser tube is a heating element, we must ensure the quality and quantity of recycled water: Quality --- to ensure clean and free of debris, regular replacement of circulating water (two days), changing the water must be carried out when the machine does not work; Quantity --- To ensure adequate circulating water (20Kg above), to ensure that the circulating water temperature at 5-25 ℃.

              (4) To meet the requirements of the work conditions, to optimize the working methods to maximize the life of the laser tube. For example, try to use more cutting methods.

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